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It was cold today. I’m trying not to overstate it, because I know it’s going to get colder, but oh my gosh was I cold. Since I got back, it’s been notably chillier in the university than it was before I left for vacation, and I wore a ton of layers yesterday (cami, long-sleeved shirt, button down shirt, sweater, scarf), but for some reason I wore a not-so-heavy sweater today. By the time I’d been there for an hour and a half, I was wrapping my woefully insufficient Pashmina around my shoulders, and Elena was offering me the scarf that she keeps at the university– this scarf is heavy wool, an awesome swirly pinkish purplish color, and just this side of the line between scarf and blanket. I need to get me one of those.

When I went upstairs to my one class of the evening, another professor told me that all the heaters had stopped working for some reason that day, and I breathed a sigh of relief that this was not to be the norm for the winter. When I told this to one of the students, however, I asked, “Is it normally this cold?” She just sort of looked at me for a moment, thinking, and then said, “Yes.”

So, we’ll see. I may have to invest in some more sweaters. So far, my room is still toasty. When I got back from America, I returned to find that my curtains had been taken down (maybe to be cleaned?) and they had sealed all my window frames with masking tape. I have definitely noticed an increase in temperature and stuffiness as a result.

Right now it’s about -11° C, or 12° F.


  1. 12 January 2012    

    Well, you are two degrees from the Arctic circle, so I guess the cold is no surprise. What does surprise me is that–so far–the weather in Vermont has been colder than either Arkhangelsk or Moscow (yes, I check all of that, and more, pretty often). The day before you left the thermometer fell to below 10 F here.

    Good news, though — temps look like they will pick up for you tomorrow and the next day.

    Yes, dress warmly!

    • 12 January 2012    

      Haha, thank you for keeping an eye on the weather for me, Dad. Now I really don’t need to buy that weather update service for my cellphone :)

  2. 14 January 2012    

    Looks like the temps were lower here today than in Arkhangelsk. We had high winds, too, so that made it bitter. Esther and I left for the airport about 5 a.m. Not much snow had fallen, so the roads were fine after we left Mt. Vernon. She made in back to Albuquerque just fine.

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