a big beautiful mess

long day.

A by no means comprehensive list of what I did today:

Woke up at like 5:45 am for some reason. My body is so confused.

Plotted to make ratatouille.

Helped give a credit test and finished with Business Negotiations once and for all!

Acquired a wooden spoon of my very own (see below).

Failed to find books in English in any Arkhangelsk book stores, apart from, like, dictionaries. (Okay, I only went to two stores, but still.)

Chatted with a student at the university and was not in the end helpful with her bureaucratic issue.

Bought a printer.

Brought it home on the bus.

Completely tuckered myself out.

Never did make that ratatouille.

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  1. Charles Jacobs Charles Jacobs
    10 January 2012    

    That spoon could almost pass for an Eat ‘n Park Smiley cookie. :-)

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