a big beautiful mess


As I contemplate marriage to my beloved RZ, a dozen conflicting desires and considerations vie for my attention. Am I ready for the sacrifice of marriage and, eventually, motherhood? Am I willing to take on the shift in social perception and expectations? Will he accept that I may never remember to turn off the bathroom light?

But one of the most pressing issues bearing on my mind is this: Gay Marriage.

As more and more states –and even the Supreme Court!– lean in the direction of inclusion and equality, I have to wonder… is straight marriage even worth it any more?

I think back to all the plaid I wore in college, and I think, wistfully sometimes, that I might have listened more attentively to the inclinations of my fashion sense. If I had known the breadth of acceptance and possibility that would open up in the next few years, perhaps I would have taken greater advantage of my four years at a women’s college. In a setting so rife with the influence of the Homosexual Agenda, you would think I would have considered that option more carefully. But alas, I spent my exploratory years in folly, and now I find myself in this predicament.

One never hopes to be a latecomer to a trend or movement, but now that the era of the heterosexual marriage is drawing to a close, I find myself caught already in its claws. With no other option left to me, I suppose I will have to make the best of my straight marriage, and hope that the gays will accept me.

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