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How did it get to be September 9, dear friends? I was so industrious in my last posting! And yet, today, almost a month later, my visa application is still struggling to get off the ground. I thought I had mailed all my documents correctly to the visa courier service thingy people two days ago, but something was amiss, and corrections are being made today, which means no visit to the consulate for documents belonging to Roof until Monday. Doing my best not to panic!

I have, however, begun to Pack! Complete with four-page, color-coded and sub-categorized [Hygiene/Cosmetics, Clothing, Electronics, Living, Office, and Documents are the current categories] packing list! This extra month at home has only enabled me to be even more painstaking than usual in my preparations. Probably a good thing, since Russia will not be as forgiving as Spain to mistakes in wardrobe selection.

Just a snippet of my list…


  1. Kaitlin Kaitlin
    9 September 2011    

    I am completely impressed by your packing skillz!! I more or less figured out what I needed to bring back and forth across the country over four years, but obviously this is a much bigger deal than that! And I love that you’re packing Gena–malah dyetz! (And udachi for the rest of your packing haha!)

    • 10 September 2011    

      Haha, thanks, Kaitlin! I’m not sure Gena is going to fit, though :( I need room for sweaters and coats and things…

  2. Jesse Jesse
    16 September 2011    

    Ruth you pack like a librarian! I think that’s the best thing I’ve seen today.

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