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the Fulbright Program

On 8 April 2011, I got my acceptance letter from the Fulbright Program! After a rigorous application process, a phone interview in Russian, and months of waiting, I’ve been accepted into this prestigious program, and I’m headed to Russia sometime at the end of August.

The basic deal is this: I will move to Arkhangelsk, Russia, to start my grant on September 1. I’ll be there for ten months total. I’ll be working as an English Teaching Assistant at Pomor State University, teaching two classes to fourth- and fifth-year English students. One class will be about translation from Russian to English, and the other will be a video-centered class on American culture.

I will keep this blog to let anyone who wants to know updated on what I’m doing in Russia. As I prepare to go this summer, I’ll post from time to time with information about Arkhangelsk and Pomor State University, to give you more information as I learn about my new home.


  1. 12 December 2012    

    I am applied for the Fulbright this year in Russia as an ETA, and am terrified about the phone interview. Did you practice? Was it hard? Any advice?

    • 20 December 2012    

      I was terrified about my phone interview! Especially because I hadn’t taken a proper Russian class in several months. I practiced by watching the movie Стиляги on ВКонтакте without subtitles, chatting with one of my professors in Russian, and writing out answers I thought would come up, as well as my answers to them, in Russian (I’m a visual learner). The interview itself was much more chill than I had feared, though. I would advise you to prepare but not stress out too much. Good luck!

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