a big beautiful mess

The Serenity of Anxiety

I leave for Moscow tomorrow. On a train. The only other time I’ve been on a train in Russia, my ticket was bought and my hand held by my study abroad program directors.

Minor freak out about my debit card not working at the ATM averted when I got home and checked online, to realize that I just had to transfer some funds.

Good thing I have beer.

I used to pride myself on being a light packer. Now I just talk about how I used to pride myself on being a light packer.

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  1. 7 May 2012    

    This must be the curse of our kind. Our lives require travel, and in fact we love travel–except the travel part of it. Well, here are some hugs (( )). I leave for Beijing Saturday, so will go through the packing and preparing madness soon enough (and Esther is packing to return home–we’re all traveling).

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