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Things are Happening

My long-awaited letter of invitation arrived in the mail on Monday! This has set off a flurry of activity as I realized this means I have to actually apply for my visa now. I know I should have done a lot of this weeks ago, but I didn’t, so my tomorrow is packed with running around Greensburg, getting ready to run away.

First stop is the post office, to mail off my grant documents finally (over a month after I got them), so I can at long last be an official Fulbrighter!

Then, to Walgreen’s to get passport-sized photos which I will then have to trim down to Russia-approved size.

Then, to the doctor, so she can explain to me the implications of being tested for HIV, even though I’ve been tested for HIV twice already in the last two years, all because of Russia!

Finally, to the Quick Draw, where hopefully they will draw my blood quickly enough that I don’t pass out.

And in between all of that, I have a dozen phone calls to make in parking lots, because the phone reception is horrible at home. Ah well. At least we have Internet again!

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