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Today was English Day

This conversation transpired today between my new Polish roommate Łukasz and me as we were walking to the electronics store.

Łukasz: I bought those things for us.

Me: What things?

Łukasz: That we saw at the store yesterday.

Me: But what are they?

Łukasz: I don’t know how they’re called in English.

Me: Is it a fruit?

Łukasz: Yes, it’s food.

Me: Fruit, fruit. Frukti.

Łukasz: Ah, no, it’s not a fruit.

Me: Is it cheese?

Łukasz: No, it’s not a cheese.

Me: Is it….

Łukasz: Morskaya yeda.

Me: Ohhhh, seafood, seafood. I know what you’re talking about. Those… things. I don’t know what they are in English either.


Me: Łukasz, have you ever heard of the game Twenty Questions?


  1. 24 October 2011    

    This is so great! I love you, Ruth. Linguistic shenanigans are the funniest kind.

  2. -randianna -randianna
    25 October 2011    


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