a big beautiful mess


A year of living and teaching in northern Russia.

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Prose and poetry.

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Creative learning for all.

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Meaning is created by people.

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I had the pleasure of speaking at the Women and Girls Foundation’s Crossroads Conference for Women yesterday morning. I wanted to share my talk with you here. In service of the Women and Girls Foundation’s (WGF) mission to develop women leaders, and timed to coincide with Women’s History Month in March, the Crossroads Conference focuses on […]

Daily Log

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I did not make any New Years resolutions for 2016. I’ve never been a big resolution-maker. I know myself too well and I know that promises to myself will be the first to go when things get tough. But I have, over the years, become a better goal-setter. Especially since my Coro Fellowship, which focused […]

How do you Love?

How do you Love?

How do we love in times of crisis? How do we love in times of chronic discontent? How do we love in times of hatred and polarizing media and the facebook echo-chamber of opinion and fear and speculation? How do we love when we are betrayed? How do we love when we betray? You hear […]

Light Falling Through Tree Branches of Czech Forests Tells a Story


Today’s post is over at Wedding Bokeh, the blog of my wedding photography / fun pictures loving alter ego. The light falling through tree branches of these incredible Moravian forests is inspiring. OctInSeSt 5  

Autumn Stories


There is something about the particular cool creeping evening of early autumn, that October pink in the sky as the sun flirts away between the branches of the river-carved gorges. There is something about the way the air cools so quickly once the sun has stopped teasing and has retired for the evening for good. […]