a big beautiful mess

I’m finally tired of pelmeni.

This is a moment of switch, you guys. I got back from Moscow on Sunday, with 11 kg of books in my bag, and had a small breakdown regarding how far away from home I am and  the question of whether or not I have accomplished anything in the last two months.

Then, I went and accomplished some things. I gave myself an attitude adjustment about my American Culture Club Thanksgiving party on Saturday. I wrote an email in English and Russian to the club. I wrote a letter of recommendation for a student I admire greatly. I led a generally successful class on American idioms, and we sang Erin McKeown’s “Rhode Island is Famous for You.” I cooked dinner for myself alone for the first time sine Łukasz moved in. I listened to a lot of music. I bought a plane ticket home.

Today, I went back to the American Corner, where I was welcomed in by the librarians having tea in a back room, and then given a tour by Svetlana, the head of the American Corner. I want to live in this library, you guys! It’s big and beautiful and kind of melancholically devoid of patrons, but the view of the river from the big, recently renovated windows is breathtaking. Svetlana and I made a schedule of conversation group meetings for pretty much the rest of the year, which I feel really good about. I went to the International Office at the university to start the visa extension process, where by chance I met a woman who is the director of this program here for teachers to learn English. I’m visiting their class next Tuesday. Then, I went to a translation class where we had a good discussion about what they think about translation, and what would make them enjoy the class more.

And then I came home and took a nap until 9 pm. I’m still far away from home, but at least now I feel like I am moving forward by my own power, and not just being swept away by the undercurrent.

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  1. 30 November 2011    

    Time for some Chinese dumplings? My freezer is full of them.
    You are right–your time in Arkhangelsk just about matches the time you would be away from home at school. Your adjustment seems well along.

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