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Light Falling Through Tree Branches of Czech Forests Tells a Story


Today’s post is over at Wedding Bokeh, the blog of my wedding photography / fun pictures loving alter ego. The light falling through tree branches of these incredible Moravian forests is inspiring. OctInSeSt 5  

Autumn Stories


There is something about the particular cool creeping evening of early autumn, that October pink in the sky as the sun flirts away between the branches of the river-carved gorges. There is something about the way the air cools so quickly once the sun has stopped teasing and has retired for the evening for good. […]

На богине


На богине. All day I’ve had this phrase stuck in my head. На богине — na baginye. But I couldn’t remember what it meant in English. I thought of misty windswept moors and ancient bogs, or of cottages in the countryside. I finally looked it up, and богиня means goddess. На богине — in the […]


Swimming Pool at Sunrise

Today’s writing prompt is brought to you by the random word generator at textfixer.com, which spits out a random string of six words to get the creative juice flowing. I let myself slide with one word unused. alphabetical – hatch – seducer – cruise – airport – low   I didn’t want to go on […]