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Writing Retro

Do you guys remember this?


Once upon a time, little packets of graphite used to be a necessary part of my back-to-school shopping. But as I went on to college and the proverbial real world, I found myself using pens much more, or using the eraser so much that it would give out before the lead did. But, worst of all, I’ve found myself simply not writing by hand at all. It’s a little sad to my librarian heart, in the same way that the idea of using a Kindle or a Nook instead of a paper book is sad. It’s not necessarily a bad thing for the world, but there’s just something about the physical exertion of handwriting things that really brings home those juicy dear-diary emotions.

All of which to say, I know I’m super behind on my Doodle A Day. I’ll upload something extra special later today. Maybe… maybe I should re-word the rules. How about every weekday? That way I have the weekends to catch up a little? Maybe? I’m so bad at this.

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  1. mom mom
    11 May 2013    

    maybe the rules should be something like: “3 times a week” which would allow for some flexibility – or – another idea: only on dates that are multiples of 3: 3, 6, 9, . . . 30 of each month

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